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Everything you need to know about electric vehicles, FAQs including how to charge and how much it will cost you to do so, and how you can minimise the expenses!

Electric Car Charging Point Installer Newport


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Electric Car Charging Point Installer Newport FAQs

We always give the best to our clients, including free tips! Here is where you can read all about electric vehicle charging points, how to install, how much it will cost you and how to lessen the cost!

Difference between Electric Car and Conventional Car

Fortunately, it's not as complicated as it sounds. In addition, there are numerous valid justifications to purchase an electric car, for example, not costing us a lot to keep running as comparable petroleum or diesel cars. They're also nippy, quiet and satisfyingly fulfilling to drive.

In contrast to conventionally fuelled cars, which can be loaded up with petroleum or diesel in minutes, electric vehicles can take a drawn-out period of time to charge – particularly in case you're planning to recharge using a typical three-pin plug. Out and about, the electric vehicle charging industry is developing rapidly.

In any case, with such huge numbers of various major and neighbourhood arranges, an enormous number of various connectors and different power levels, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s all a confusing hassle.

Electric Car Charging Point Installer Newport

How much does it cost to run an electric car? 

In case you're charging solely at home, our examination confirms that an electric car could add somewhere in the range of £450 and £730 to your yearly energy bills. However, you save a lot from fuel, compared to the expense of running a conventional car.

When we analyzed the expense of charging a Nissan Leaf to the normal cost of fuelling proportional estimated oil and diesel vehicles, more than 10,000 miles we found the Leaf was £308 less expensive than an equal diesel vehicle - and £609 less expensive than an identical petroleum vehicle.

Electric Car Charging Point Installer Newport

Based on charging a car at home, electricity costs are an average of standard variable tariffs from 11 big energy firms. You may inquire from electric car charging point installer Newport as well.

Electric Car Charging Point Installer Newport

We are NICE IC certified

Our electricians are very well trained and regulated by the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting. We aim to provide the best quality of work and service to our clients. 

Charging at home: can I plug my electric car into a regular socket?

Truly, you can - however you won't need to. Charging your electric vehicle at home (and perhaps work) makes owning an electric car unmistakably progressively helpful, however, utilise an ordinary three-stick divider attachment and you're looking at an extremely, long charging time - more than 25 hours, depends upon the vehicle.

Electric Car Charging Point Installer Newport

Not at all like the image above, what you're going to need to make charging at home simple and helpful is a dedicated parking with a power supply, and a wall charging unit. Contact EV charge point installer Newport.

Here are the steps in charging your electric vehicle at home using electric car charging point installer Newport:

Get a Wallbox Charger

Electric vehicle wall charging units (also called wallboxes) are available in different forms and powers. They will radically lessen charging time compared to a regular three-pin plug.

This is the difference in charging times between a three-pin plug and a 7kW wallbox charging unit.

Electric Car Charging Point Installer Newport

To get the best wall charging unit for you, you’ll need to make a number of decisions:

- Tethered or untethered
- Type of plug
- Rate of power
- Smart or not

Electric Car Charging Point Installer Newport

Untethered: No attached charging lead. More hassle every time you want to plugin, but allows you to swap out the lead - such as from Type 1 to Type 2. Some consider it future-proofing.

Tethered: The charging unit has a power lead attached to it. It’s convenient as it means you can just pull up and plug in, as opposed to retrieving your car’s charging lead from the boot.

Are all electric car chargers the same?

These are two different kinds of connectors for charging an electric car at home (there are more for public charging). And several different speed (power) options.

Starting with the connector, your electric car will be able to take either a Type 1 or Type 2 connector. The difference is the shape of the plug, it does not affect the rate at which it can charge your car.

In recent years, cars with a type 2 charging socket are much more common. Make sure you know which type of connector your car is compatible with before ordering your wallbox. Seek confirmation from Electric car charger installation cost Newport.

What wattage wall charger should I buy?

This is maybe the most essential piece. There is no single power alternative. Your average decision is up to 7.4kW for a common UK home.

To get a good deal on the charger, you could pick a lower power rate, (for example, 3.6kW). In spite of the fact that it will take more time to charge your vehicle.

It is conceivable to have a significantly quicker charger, up to 22kW. If your vehicle is fit for accepting a charge this way (and many are not) it will chop down charging rates once more.

The main issue is that speedier charging rates require a three-stage connection, which you might not have in your home. Seek electric car charging point installer Newport.

Electric Car Charging Point Installer Newport

Can you speed up charging? What's the difference between a single phase and a three-phase supply

Your electricity is supplied through either:
- a single phase network that, simply put, has one live wire
- or a three-phase network that has three live wires. You can connect to all three for a faster power supply.

Fortunately, most of the UK is served by a three-phase network.

The terrible news is that most UK abodes are appended to just one of those three live wires. So indeed, most homes have a solitary stage association, in spite of it being a three-stage arrange.

Most homes have a single-phase connection, in spite of it being a three-phase network.

How to check if you have a three-phase connection?

According to UK Power Networks (the organisation that maintains our electricity networks), the way to check your own connection is to look at your fuse box.

- One 100 amp fuse means you have a single-phase connection
- Three such fuses means a three-phase connection.

Electric Car Charging Point Installer Newport

As the three-phase network is broad over the UK, it opens up the probability of updating your single-phase connection to a three-phase connection. Consider Smart home charging points Newport too.

In the event that you need a higher rate of power, see whether it's possible to update by talking to your power provider.

We make Electric Vehicle charging easy for you here and everywhere.

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Electric Car Charging Point Installer Newport

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