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Everything you need to know about Hot Tub installation guide, frequently asked questions including the amount it will cost you to install, how to install jacuzzi outdoors, and how you can minimise the expenses.

Hot Tub Jacuzzi Installer Newport


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Everything you need to know about Hot Tub Jacuzzi Installer Newport

Installing your Hot Tub is exciting for your family but challenging at the same time! But do not worry, we got you covered here! Check out these articles that can help you with your installation!

Hot Tub Electrical Installation Preparation

Hot Tub Jacuzzi Installer Newport

Unless you have managed to build some futuristic way of running your hot tub without any power then it is likely that you are going to need an electrical supply for your spa! Making the electrics is not something you will do yourself, but it doesn't hurt to understand the basics.

Your brand-new hot tub will come into one of two classes. Most dealers offer plug and play spas or more powerful spas that need to be wired directly.

Ready to use spas are comparatively straightforward, they simply plug into the nearest 13A socket. If you do not already have a socket in your backyard, it should not take more than an hour for a repairman to wire one in. It would be smart to pick up a small 13A RCD. The will RCD simply trips and utilizes the hot tub off if there is a surge of power. You can pick these up for less than £10 from most electrical stores.

Hot Tub Jacuzzi Installer Newport

Any hot tub which requires more than 13A needs to be wired directly into your electrical supply. These supplies must be connected by a qualified repairman and should comply with Building Regulations. You mustn't attempt to prepare this supply yourself. If you get this wrong, not only could you ruin your hot tub but you could also do some severe damage to yourself! Talk to Hot tub jacuzzi installer Newport.

Once your electrician has served your supply, he will issue a BS 7671 certificate. You will require this certificate for your home insurance so do not lose it! Most warranties are also invalid if you fail to give a certficate on request.
So, there are a few things you will need to prepare:
- Armoured Cabling
- Rotary Isolation Switch

Your MCB will break the power to your hot tub if there is a surge in power. Hot tubs demand their spur from your MCB. They can not be shared with another device or home appliance. Your MCB should be fixed to handle the most current of the spa, plus an additional 25%. This provides for a surge when the pumps are first switched on. So, for instance, if you have bought a hot tub which has the best current of 30A, install a 36A surge at minimum. Hot Tub Jacuzzi Installation cost Newport.

Your tester will place a suitably rated RCD for your hot tub. An RCD is an additional line of security both for you and for the spa. It guards the spa against earth faults. These are generally caused by damaged or waterlogged cables.

SWA Cabling
Your outside cabling will need to be shielded. PVC Piping, or more ordinarily, Steel Wired Armour (SWA) should do the job well. Your electrician will guide you on the diameter of the cable required. Please remember that no cabling will be given with your hot tub. Your electrician will need to make a wire up to the site of the spa, even if your supplier is carrying out the installation.

Rotary Isolation Switch
We always suggest that our clients place a rotary isolation switch. This makes it simple to turn the spa off in the case of us wanting to service the spa. An IP65 45amp Rotary Isolator is fitting in most circumstances.

Hot Tub Jacuzzi Installer Newport

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How many amps do you need for a hot tub?

Hot Tub Jacuzzi Installer Newport

Most hot tubs need at least a 13AMP supply with larger hot tubs requiring a 32AMP supply. We can arrange with your electrical contractor about the exact blueprint for your Hot Tub , alternatively more details can be found within the technical terms on our hot tubs pages. Seek help from hot tub jacuzzi installer Newport.

13 AMP electrical requirements
The electrical specifications for the 13AMP ready-to-use Hot Tubs are the easiest to achieve. The 13AMP Hot Tubs simply plug into a regular household power supply so all you need for the 13AMP Hot Tubs is an outdoor watertight plug socket with RCD screen. We will accommodate up to 5 metres of cable and a plug to plug into the socket you have given.

What are the electrical requirements for a hot tub?

The electrical installation must abide with BS:7671 – “Requirements for Electrical Installations IET Wiring Regulations”, especially regarding the following specifications:

    • The hot tub needs to be hard wired on its own fused spur back to your home consumer unit, not sharing a supply with any other devices

    • The hot tub should be guarded by a sufficiently rated MCB (mains circuit breaker) and should cover the most amperage pull of the Spa plus 25% to allow for brake torque (i.e. the extra rush of current when pumps are first started). Hence, a hot tub that has a greatest current draw of 20 amps should be fitted with a 25AMP MCB

    • The hot tub should be shielded against earth faults by an RCD (Residual Current Device). This is a trip switch which prevents the likelihood of an electric shock from broken or waterlogged cables and attachments. A suitable rated 30mA RCD is suggested.

    • Outside cabling should be guarded from damage by either laying protecting ducting (pc pipe) under ground or by using Steel Wired Armoured (SWA) cable. Your electrician will assess the size of cable required depending on the loading and the measure from the main supply

Hot Tub Jacuzzi Installer Newport

Once the hot tub is supplied with water and the electrical supply is connected, your installation team should request the hot tub and check that everything is fully functional before handing over to you with a full chemical preparation guide and hot tub features. Ask for help from hot tub jacuzzi installer Newport.

If you are in any uncertainty about the necessary electrical guidelines you should ask expert guidance from a fully qualified electrician.

Please note: your electrician should leave enough spare cable connected to the isolator to go to the most distant side of the Hot Tub. Our technicians are equipped to connect this cable to the core of the Hot Tub.

Hot Tub Jacuzzi Installer Newport

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We make Hot Tub and Jacuzzi Installation easy.

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Hot Tub Jacuzzi Installer Newport

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